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Future Of Food Microgreens isn’t only focused on making the best microgreens in town. Still, we are very focused on the reduction our facility has on the environment and how to optimize our sustainability. We don’t use any chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds treated with pesticides. Only the purest of ingredients are used to make your microgreens. We a veganic medium made of simple peat, pearlite, and mycorrhizae. We also use a 5 stage reverse osmosis water system and purchase only top quality seeds from highly reputable purveyors. After our microgreens have shed their seed hulls, the hulls are fed to the wildlife. One we have harvested or microgreens, the soil medium is leftover but is put into our worm composting area. Over time the worms will chew through the old microgreen seeds, roots, old stems, and peat and turn it into nutrient-rich castings and compost that we use in our raised beds and make veggies for our families, friends, and you! We were able to transform a large office space that lies in wait, into a fully functional indoor and outdoor farm that sustainably creates nutrient-dense food 365 Days a year! So as you can see, nothing goes to waste.