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Locally produced goods available for delivery in Milwaukee & Madison.

Live Local, a new brand from Christine’s Kitchens in Madison, WI, is launching its delivery service in Milwaukee County and Muskego. Customers in the area can order from a growing number of locally made products to have delivered to their door.  Vendors that customers can order from include: Slide Gourmet Potato Chips, Rabbit Road soaps, Future of Food Microgreens, Green Baked Goods, Pop’s Kettle Corn, Top Note Tonic, NessAlla Kombucha, Farmer John’s Cheese Curds, 100 Mile Sauce Bloody Mary Mix, Chef K Clark Pickles & Preserves, and so much more.

Live Local was created to support local businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic. Christine’s Kitchens, a locally owned and operated commercial kitchen, organized a delivery service immediately after the ‘stay at home’ ordinance was placed in Wisconsin.  The program was an immediate success and it offered an opportunity for people to stay at home and local businesses to continue to operate. Now in Madison, customers can order from over 30 vendors. With the success of the service, the Live Local brand was created and a hub was organized in Milwaukee. Live Local aims to find hubs throughout Wisconsin while also organizing a new way for schools and service organizations to fundraise using these locally made products. Information about fundraisers will be available in late July.

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Future Of Food Microgreens isn’t only focused on making the best microgreens in town. Still, we are very focused on the reduction our facility has on the environment and how to optimize our sustainability. We don’t use any chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds treated with pesticides. Only the purest of ingredients are used to make your microgreens. We a veganic medium made of simple peat, pearlite, and mycorrhizae. We also use a 5 stage reverse osmosis water system and purchase only top quality seeds from highly reputable purveyors. After our microgreens have shed their seed hulls, the hulls are fed to the wildlife. One we have harvested or microgreens, the soil medium is leftover but is put into our worm composting area. Over time the worms will chew through the old microgreen seeds, roots, old stems, and peat and turn it into nutrient-rich castings and compost that we use in our raised beds and make veggies for our families, friends, and you! We were able to transform a large office space that lies in wait, into a fully functional indoor and outdoor farm that sustainably creates nutrient-dense food 365 Days a year! So as you can see, nothing goes to waste.

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During the current COVID-19 crisis, we have taken measures to ensure your product is as safe as possible. This includes having only person allowed in our growing facility and no other staff: our grower harvests, fresh cuts, washes, and packages your microgreens. Then your microgreens are placed in a cooler outside, which I pick up immediately and personally deliver to you.

Tom Cox, Owner

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During the crisis, we are offering microgreens in bulk at reduced pricing under market costs. Black Oil Sunflower, Triton Radish, Speckled Pea, and Buckwheat. For Sunflower, Radish, and Pea for $20 per pound. Buckwheat would be $25 per pound. This way, you can incorporate a more substantial amount of microgreens that you know who made and are the freshest, most nutrient-rich vegetable available.

We'll get through this thing, and Future Of Food Microgreens is dedicated to helping you along the way!

Any questions let me know and best wishes to you and your families,

Tom Cox, Owner