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Mixed Salad Program



You decide which salad mix you prefer. We offer three options, the spicy mix, the non-spicy mix, or a mix of the two. We will deliver your fresh cut microgreen varieties to your door each week! At the end of the month, pay with cash, check, Venmo, or money order for that month’s salads. So, no up-front costs. straight-forward, simple! You pay on a month to month basis and if you’re not in town for a period of time or want to change your order let us know.

If you would like to place your order or have any questions, please call Tom at (414) 333-8494 or fill out the form here.

Available Mixes

microgreen salad mix

Salad Mix

Blend of both Spicy and Non-spicy


Speckled Pea, Buckwheat, Black Oil Sunflower, Blue Scotch Kale and Triton Radish

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Not sure of which to try? Make it easy, and we’ll give you a good mix of both spicy and not so spicy. Personally, I love this one because you get a great mixture of vibrant tastes, colors, and textures so you can use them on just about anything.

microgreen non-spicy salad mix

Non-spicy Mix

Blend of Spicy Microgreens


Speckled Pea, Buckwheat, Black Oil Sunflower, and Blue Scotch Kale

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Great Uses: Snacking on them right out of the container, great in smoothies, on sandwiches, in wraps, added to salads, add a sweet vinaigrette and, the list goes on….

microgreen spicy salad mix

Spicy Mix

Blend of Spicy Microgreens


Wasabi Mustard, Triton Radish, Speckled Pea, Buckwheat

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Great Uses: Soups, amended into salads, sandwiches, on top of pizza, pasta, in your wraps, burgers, salsas and the list goes on….